SEOZoom plugin allows you to take a look at a selection of data right in your website. This plugin is available from PROFESSIONAL plans on, and you can find it in the INTEGRATION section during the creation of your project or, later, by clicking on Project and then on Modify.

SEOZoom plugin integration

It is very easy to activate: after installing it from the “Plugin” WordPress section, just add the activation key provided by SEOZoom inside the project.

first step

Here you can customize some aspects of SEOZoom’s detection. You need to select for what kind of posts you would like to activate SEOZoom Editorial Assistant.

The plugin has three main pages: Notifications, Website Trend, Monitored Keywords and Pages with Potential. You can consult the different sections in order to gain the main information on estimated volumes and keywords.

plugin detail in wordpress

Here you can see an example of the Website Trend section where the main SEOZoom data are. Please keep in mind that the Traffic Volume box refers to the estimated traffic according to the suite parameters and DOES NOT represent the actual traffic of the Web site.

site dashboard

Here you can see an example of the Monitored Keywords section with the main data of the keywords added during the creation of the project.

monitored keywords

Here you have an example of the Pages with Potential section, with SEOZoom data referring to the website pages with a high potential (that is: pages with many keywords in the second and third pages of Google, and that could hence earn more traffic right after a little and easy revision/enhancement). In the Potential Volume column, you will see the overall keywords volume you could get assuming you get a first page placements for all suggested keywords. By clicking on Edit Article the article dashboard will automatically open. Click on Analyze for a direct connection to the suite.

pages with potential

SEOZoom plugin can be useful when writing articles to verify that the created text respects the best practice and also to monitor over time all of the keywords the single content has ranked for. This can be an effective alternative to the use of the suite’s editorial assistant if you prefer writing directly inside the website through CMS WordPress.

tips detail

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